Form itself, even if completely abstract..
has its own inner sound

– Wassily Kandinsky –


Artist Statement

Making art for me is a continuous process of discovering and letting go. The best way for me is to do this at the level of abstraction. The challence lies in abstracting the world around me and the world within myself.

By matching certain colors and color combinations, I bring my paintings to life. The atmosphere I want to create is all about liveliness and energy.

Nature, the landscape around me, has always been an endless source of inspiration, which can also be worked out in the painting process. I choose the colors and shapes intuitively, from my memories and feelings. Not being attached to realistic forms, is liberating. It’s all about the feeling, beyond words.



From photo-realistic landscapes in natural colors to colorful abstract works and everything in between, that’s how you can describe Barbra’s (living and born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands) painting career. A solid and classic career, you could say.

In the search for a unique painting style, the natural colors disappeared and her work became more expressive and energetic. She started to paint more from her perception and now her work is suffused with color.

That everyone can experience the world in a different way, can be seen in her powerful and unique abstract paintings.

Barbra studied for 3 years at the Free Art Academy Rotterdam and she took lessons at the Willem de Kooning Academy, in Rotterdam. Her work has been part of several group exhibitions and is included in private collections.



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